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Do you have:

  1. passion for teaching
  2. good qualifications
  3. commitment (1year at least)
  4. experience is a plus

If you possess any of the traits stated above, we want YOU!

Wait no longer! Join Us at NewAge Education and begin your jounery here with us. Contact us at 91512922 to join as a tutor.

Is your child getting all panicky over exams and tests?

Exam Preparation

At NewAge, we want your child to do the best he/she can academically. Exam/test preparation classes will be carried out at an individual or group level by our tutors to help your child cope and excel.

At NewAge Education, we make it our personal mission to facilitate Academical and Personal Charecter acheivments and growth, thus balancing society's need and mental wellness of your child.

To provide a Holistic and Realistic Education system in sync with the new era of educational trends and standards. We aim to model after the governmental body of Ministry of Education in its ciriculum and methods of teachings to better allow your child to adapt to school life.